Two Poems – Adam Levon Brown

Soliloquy of the Predator


Salivating/The hunger grows/simple similes cannot express/Shred, tear, gnaw


           Trip the phantom in the night

           And the hunger grows

           Take the lance out of the fight

           And the hunger knows


Must feed/ The beast within gets/More powerful each night/Mutation will/ come swift


            Tackle the ghost that hides within

            And the feast is prepared

            Make the angel commit the sin

            And your life is now snared


The flesh/it calls from the trees/ripe and juicy/simply divine/Monster!


            Sack the Saxon and drink his wine

            Or vultures will find a way

            To steal their sip and steal your swine

            Away from you while you sway


Ravage the/remaining countryside/take no/ prisoners/Meet the end/ and find peace


Simple Mutation

Shadows bouncing,

Reverberating off the back of skull


Flashing wildly in the noon sun,

Starlit beyond reassurance


Phantasmagoria filled

To the brim with lilac oceans


Tilted to the moon in meadow Spring

Marching frenetically to the drumbeat


Of war and avarice

With no hope of winning, losing


What is left of the puddles that formulate

Miracles in the form of pennies


Sprinkled at the feet of St. Augustine

In a fountain far removed from the


Simple lodgings that once housed

Hermetic heroes of yore for years on


End, with nothing left to give

And nothing left to forgive


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