Two poems – Hiraa Kazmi

In a starless night

The woods allure and I move in trance

as if hypnotized by some gothic fairy.

Cold blanket of absolute darkness

envelopes, making me shiver in anticipation

for what would emerge from the depths ahead,

mythical labyrinth that has no end.


These trees have eyes, glittering,

golden, mischievous eyes.

Their silent message urges me on,

in this magical world of musical stillness.

The forest proclaims ancient mysteries,

shrouded in shadows for centuries.


I long to unlock the buried secrets in this starless night

and follow the sounds of the whispering woods, away from light.

Forest Night

The shadows grow thick

lush green foliage turning dark

with the weight of fog and night

spread around like soft blanket.

Hundreds of intense golden eyes,

blinking bright as candle flames

rapidly scanning the curious gathering

of hunters and the hunted.

Scent of the hunt escalates

and the mad chase begins.

Wind rushes through dense growth

Her amused whistling camouflaging

the sound of swift catches.

Growls and groans caught

between the persistent rustling

of leaves and boughs.

The forest retains its music

throughout the night

alluring the unsuspecting

into the depths of dark.