Five poems – Bijay Kumar




Shattered and nearly dead,

I am, your humanity;

As in deep sleep, you are,

Wearing mask of false humanity;


You have divided me……


Into Black and White,

In the name of religions,

For the sake of Nations;


Putting them in wars,

In my heart’s battlefield…..


Strewed with bodies,

With stains of blood,

Of screaming people;


You have also made my,

Heart wounded whenever…..


Child cries and dies in hunger,

Women’s modesty is outraged,

Farmers commit suicide in despair;


You have infected my soul too with,

Rapidly spreading terrorist attacks;


Now, unless you wake up and

Discover the real me inside you,

The mask of artificial humanity,

Will not be dropped completely;


Thus I am knocking to make you,

Awakened on seeing my condition,

In an endeavour to revive myself,

As I do not want to die.






Animals in the cage,

Individual or in groups,

With birds trained and settled,

Along with roaring tigers,

Entertain the visitors in the Zoo.


But suddenly I discovered,

The zoo of men and women,

As I left the exit door of the zoo;


Where people are trapped inside….


Either self-made individual and

Invisible cages of…


Likes and dislikes,

Dogmas and beliefs,

Knowledge and ignorance,

Sins and virtues;


Or trapped inside in groups

In the larger cages of…….


Community and society,

Caste and creed,

Religion and regional,

Political and national;


We decorate these cages

Thinking them our abode,

Having been caught inside

A series of cages for long,


We can only be free when

The our soul awakes and roars,

Destroying the layers of cages.







Adored and worshipped by all,

As I am your final goal;

Master thus I became,

You being the slave;

Helpful I am for the needy,

And evil for the greedy;


I am the means to cater,

Your food, cloth, shelter;

And comforts altogether;

But being destination to most….


You try to acquire me utmost;

With dishonesty and deceit;

Even at the expense of integrity,

Morality and your humanity;

You become desperate to possess me,

Even at the price of other’s lives;

You rob others cunningly,

In the name of God and spiritually;

You even put your relationships,

In auction for my friendship;


I wonder and find myself in pain,

To see man becoming animal again;


But, love remains unruffled,

In the midst of my waves, unsettled;

So love can only once again return your,

Lost dignity as the master;







Intimacy of darkness and light,

Reaches its climax on twilight;

The oozing darkness then,

Chases the waning light;


Celebrating the transition,

With spectacular Sunset in the

Screen of colourful sky,

Nature slowly uncovers the dusk;


To bid adieu the setting Sun,

Shining from dawn till dusk  

Moon prepares to uncover,

Along with the stars;


Blowing of shells builds up,

The occasion auspicious;

With returning birds playing,

While calling their mates to join.




Thirsty water


Peacocks dance spreading feathers,

As clouds gather and move in ecstasy;


It is the conspiracy and play of the clouds…….


To shower its tears of joy for reviving lives,

To run, in order to spread its blessing to all,

To merge into sea to become clouds again.


But the non-stop tears of agony descends

When the hearts of the clouds break in despair,

On seeing its stream of joy getting blocked

For the selfish endeavour of civilised people;


The heartfelt cry and the screaming of

Cloudbursts and thunder bursts, leave

Everyone to run and look for shelter;

Storms also join hands with bereaved clouds.


Its pain seems not to end with the drops

Of tear falling constantly day and night,

Resulting into a natural disaster;

Blocked waters break the dams,

If not released already;


When reviving waters become thirsty,

Even crops, cattle, human lives are

Unable to quench its thirst;


People yearn for water,

In the midst of it;


They die……..

In the water,

For the water and

By the water.


But sooner hopes of sun rises

And like earlier…..


Again clouds will appear in tenderness,

Again peacocks will celebrate,

Again it will quench our thirst.

Again lives will be refreshed,

Again crops will grow.




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